1st Copy Leader Competition
2021 July 19th 12pm - 2021 August 2nd 12pm (UTC+9)
Registration: Until July 31st 12pm (UTC+9)
What are Copy Leaders?
Copy Leaders are traders who allow their
accounts to be copied by other users.

The Copy Leader Competition is for promoting traders
who want to distinguish themselves among others
to display their skills or gain more followers.

League of Traders will be rewarding the Copy Leaders
with daily bonuses, participation bonuses and more!
Please see below for the details!
Real-Time Leaderboard
The competition is being prepared.
Prize and Bonuses
Top 3 Winners
100 USD
After the end of the competition, the top 3 traders will receive 100 USD in prize.
Daily Top 10
50 USD
The traders who are ranked in the top 10 at 10pm (UTC+9) will be awarded 50 USD every day!
Participation Bonus
50 USD
By the end of the competition, every trader that has higher than 10% in profit will be awarded 50 USD.
Social Media
100 USD
Be selected to receive the cash bonus for sharing about the competition on your social media.
Participation Requirements
Minimum Balance
500 USD
or equivalent value in any token
***Winners need to keep a minimum of 500 USD in their account at the end of the competition to be eligible for the prize.
DO NOT withdraw so you end up with less than that amount.***
How to Join
Download and Sign up on League of Traders
Sign up to Exchange (BitMEX, FTX, Binance USD(S)-M Futures, Bithumb)
You can skip this step and use your existing account if you already have one.
Create an API key on exchange and connect to League of Traders
You can participate through either of the methods below.
1. In-App Profile -> Settings -> Account -> Copybot -> toggle Allow on. You will be automatically placed in the competition.

2. You can participate by clicking the Join button located on the top of the "1st Copy Leader Competition" tab. You can find the various competition tabs on the Leaderboard page of the application.

For more details on how to join, click on the Guide below.
Confirm Participation
You are confirmed if you can find yourself in the Leaderboard of the "1st Copy Leader Competition" tab.
Base Rule:
For the 1st Copy Leader Competition, we consider each exchange account as a separate participant. (It means if you have 3x Binance exchange accounts and 2x BitMEX exchange accounts, it will count as 5x participants.) You may participate with multiple exchange accounts.
However, you are not allowed to join multiple times with the same exchange account.

1. A minimum of 500 USD or equivalent value in any token in your wallet is required to register for the competition.
2. Once you have successfully registered to the competition but your balance drops below the minimum requirement before the competition starts on 19th of July 12PM (UTC+9), you will be unregistered from the competition until you reach the minimum requirement again.
3. Winners need to have at least 500 USD or equivalent in balance on their account by the end of the competition to be eligible for the prize.
4. Participants may register until the 31st of July 12 PM (UTC+9)
5. All trades during the competition time will count towards the competition trading volume.
6. Winner selection is based on the highest individual PnL % (Profit %) by the end of the competition period.
a. PnL% = ((Current Balance + Withdraw) - (Starting balance + Deposit)) * 100 / (Starting balance + Deposit)
b. Any bonus received during the competition will be considered as a deposit.
c. You may withdraw and deposit whenever you want, but your profit rate will be affected.
d. All calculations will be made according to League of Trader’s PnL
7. You cannot delete the API key that is being used to calculate the profit during the competition. (You could be deleted from competition.)
8. If you change your nickname during the competition period, you may not be eligible for prize money and bonus payments.
9. Prizes and bonuses will be awarded within 7 days after the closing of the competition on the 2nd of August 12PM (UTC+9). All the prizes will be distributed to the participant’s account.
10. League of Traders reserves the right to ask for KYC to the winners.
- Users should trade cryptocurrency at their own risk.
- League of Traders does not provide investment advice.
- League of Traders does not have custody over users’ assets nor executing trades for the users.
- League of Traders is not providing the trading or selling of cryptocurrency products on exchange.
- League of Traders reserves the right to modify the terms of this competition without notifying users in advance.
- League of Traders reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. Any judgments made by League of Traders are final, do not need any justification, and cannot be disputed.
- Any behavior that League of Traders suspects to be similar to wash trading or other potentially manipulative activities can be grounds for disqualification from the competition and any prizes.
- Exchange is not responsible for any calculations of PNL or the winners.
- Exchange holds no responsibility over the rules or terms of this competition.
- Exchange is not managing or involved in the operation of this competition.

Please contact us here if you have any further enquiries:
League of Traders
Download the app and join the competition now!